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Introducing BUNA Mexico

Introducing BUNA Mexico

We first met Lalo of BUNA at a La Marzocco function in Milan.

His sharp suit and tortoise shell eyeglasses stood out  immediately. This was back in the days when Ratio was just a dream and a few design ideas, but not yet a tangible device. We've stayed in touch ever since, and now you can find the Ratio Eight in BUNA's beautiful cafe in Mexico City. We caught up with Lalo recently about how BUNA is bringing specialty coffee to Mexico.

What's BUNA all about?

At BUNA our aim is simple, to share café rico. We are committed to sourcing, roasting and distributing great coffees. Our home base is Mexico City. 

How did you all get started?

BUNA was started by four guys that wanted to share their passion for people, coffee, agriculture and hospitality. We started roasting coffee on one of our rooftops and have since opened a café and a roastery. We work mostly with Mexican coffees and are very involved with all of the growing communities we buy coffee from. We've been going at it for three years and hope to count many more.

What markets are you targeting in Mexico?

We mostly sell wholesale to restaurants and coffee shops in Mexico City. We have a few office and home users set up with subscriptions as well. 

What’s next for BUNA? 

What most excites us is our continuing work with agriculture, to better represent Mexican coffee to the world,  and starting incursions into retail bags at grocery and retail stores. 

Check out the BUNA site for more information, and be sure to visit them for café rico if you're in town.



Inside the Flint design studio.

Inside the Flint design studio.

Iced coffee the Ratio way

Iced coffee the Ratio way