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Introducing Eight Ounce Canada

Introducing Eight Ounce Canada

The Canadian with a British accent was kind of hard to miss.

Wes Farnell  stood out immediately when we met the first time - the contagious energy, big laugh, and surprisingly exuberant hug-iness for a guy originally from England. If memory serves he was handing out coffee flavored lip-balm to literally everyone he met in the city.

We’ve stayed in touch since then, and approached  Wes about distributing the Ratio Eight in Canada. He took about fifteen seconds to say yes. We’re thrilled to announce Eight Ounce as our distributor north of the border!

Photo by Blackframes

Photo by Blackframes

Tell us about Eight Ounce. How’d you get started?

Eight Ounce Coffee has been around since 2011. Our focus is curating and sourcing the best possible coffee (and tea) equipment and accessories for coffee professionals and people who just want to make and enjoy great coffee. You can find our products in cafes and lifestyle stores around North America. We also distribute to some of the biggest and best names in specialty coffee around the world.

How did you get into coffee?

We (Jen and Wes Farnell) moved from London, UK to Canada in 2011 with the goal of opening great cafes and growing a coffee business. With a two month old boy, a serious addiction to coffee, and a driving desire to escape the corporate world, we set to work on planning the business.  While working on the cafe plan, we decided that there was an opportunity to bring some specialty coffee products we knew, and loved, to the Canadian market, to help us develop a brand.

This went better than anticipated and we decided to grow the business further, and take advantage of a market that was currently fed almost entirely from the US.

Our focus is on people: amazing products to make people happy, amazing service to make people happy, and amazing staff to make people happy.

And it helps that we love what we do!

Why the name Eight Ounce Coffee?  

We love great coffee and, and when we were planning on cafes, we never wanted to serve anything more than an eight ounce drink.

RATIO EIGHT all 3.jpg

What markets do you serve?

We distribute, wholesale, and retail over all of Canada, from Calgary.  We also serve the US with several product lines out of South Dakota.  Our target demographics are:

Distribution - select specialty focussed partners, globally

Wholesale - the top tier of coffee shops, and retail locations.  Inevitably, we grow a wider customer base from these businesses as, where they lead, other follow.

Retail - anyone interested in great quality coffee but, primarily, the 20-40 urban demographic with disposable income.

What's next for Eight Ounce?

Growing our product lines with the right products, so we can continue to provide everything customers need to make great coffee. Developing our retail offering in our warehouse showroom as a potential springboard to retail expansion.  Also, continued growth in the US market for both retail and wholesale.


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