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Introducing Giesen Korea

Introducing Giesen Korea

“Who should we work with in Korea?” 

I was sharing a bottle of wine on the patio with Connie Blumhardt, publisher of Roast Magazine (fun fact: Her twin daughters’ first names combined form my daughter’s first name).

Giesen Korea. Not even a question.”

Well, there you have it!  We scheduled a get-together to meet the Giesen Korea team at Ratio HQ shortly after, and within 15 minutes of sitting down, we knew it was a match meant to be.

We are thrilled to announce Giesen Korea as our exclusive distributor for the fast-growing Korean specialty coffee market. 


Tell us about Giesen Korea. What are you all about?
Giesen Korea is an agent of high-end coffee machines from all over the world. We specialize in introducing and distributing to the Korean coffee market. We provide professional and trendy equipment and high-quality content in order to develop our domestic coffee industry. By furthering the relationship with our overseas partners, we try to take our main customers to their factories for technical training and education. Also, we make an effort to share market trends, and strategies with each other.  


We even manage a specialty coffee shop as flagship store named Caffeine Sinhyeonri in our building. Caffeine Sinhyeonri received 2nd prize in the Best Specialty Coffee Shop category from the Annual Awards of Black Water Issue, the biggest online news channel in the Korean coffee market. We received this award even though we had been open for only 5 months! 

What markets do you serve?
These days in Korea, lots of people are drinking coffee. During the past 3 years, roastery shops have increased remarkably in Korea, now numbering at about 3,000 specialty cafés. Also, major franchises have been launching premium coffee shops that serve specialty coffee.
Giesen also distributes to major franchises, roaster houses, roasting company, small roaster cafés, and consumers too. 

What’s next for Giesen Korea?
We are not satisfied by merely selling coffee machines. We are proud to help these great brands provide their customers with a suprerior cup of coffee while seeing the value of their businesses to grow. We will be with these brands until they develop themselves and reach their goals.


Check out the Giesen Korea website, and if you are interested in the Ratio line in Korea, you’re in great hands. 

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